Clean tile make a room shine


Clean and shiny tiles can transform the appearance of an entire house. Giving your tiles such a sparkly finish isn’t so labor intensive and time consuming if you do it right. Ceramic tiles usually come with their own shine. The glazing that is on tiles is non porous, tough and not easy to wear out. If correctly maintained, clean tile make a room shine without having to add wax or sealer on the tiles. The proper way to keep your tiles always shinning is by using the correct cleaning techniques not finishes, wax or sealers. These substances do not produce a shiny effect on your tiles instead; they give a dull effect on polished ceramic tile. Using the correct cleaners to clean your tiles restores the natural shine of your tiles making them a very crucial contributor to the beauty of your room. Here is how to always keep your tiles sparkling clean.

1. Put on your safety gloves and rubber gloves

2 2. Dilute a commercial alkaline cleaning solution that is made for tile cleaning with water according to the manufactures’ recommended ratio. Very hot water should be used to dilute this cleaner.

3. With a sponge, apply generously the hot cleaning mixture to your tiles. Let the mixture settle on the tiles for about 20 minutes.

4. Scrub off the mixture lightly from your tiles and the grout that is between your tiles by hand with a plastic scrub pad. Steel wool or other abrasive cleaning materials should not be used because they will add scratches to your tiles. Continue scrubbing gently until all the grease, dirt and grime making your tiles to dull is off from the tiles surface.

5. Using a wet mop and some clean water, clear off the dirty cleaning mixture off the tiles. When the water gets dirty, change it and mop until all the dirt is cleared from the tiles and they are well rinsed.

6 6. With a dry clean towel, wipe the tiles with your hands to get rid of any remaining dirt so as to bring out the shine in your tiles.

7.Dry your floor by moving air from an electric fan.

8 8. After your floor is completely dry, apply impregnating grout sealer to the lines between the tiles. Any excess sealer should be carefully wiped off the tiles with a soft dry cloth. This sealer doesn’t penetrate the polish on the tile or remove the shine when it’s wiped off.

Whether it’s a floor, backsplash or countertop, clean tiles make a room shine and polishing tiles is a very easy task that costs you only a few cents. Hire a pro is also a great idea.

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