Basics of Carpet Construction

Basics of Carpet Construction

Wilton carpet construction can be identified by how it folds up in both directions.Face side can be loop or cut loop combo but never both.One precaution in this construction is the fibers pull easily compared to the others. Machine agitation needs to be done very carefully if at all. Low moisture is often recommended in this style, this will give the cleaner some control over agitation.

Tufted Carpet is the most common method of making carpet nowadays. The face is stitched into the backing using a mega sewing type machine using needles. This can be looped or cut looped and both. Making tufted the only kind that can be both loop and cut loop.

All you have is a bunch of yarns sewn into a backing but nothing else then you have greige goods. Technically this is still carpet but still needs to be permanently dyed and held together with something.  Usually an adhesive is then used to hold everything together, latex is most commonly used adhesive for carpet backing.



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