Carpet Cleaning in Land O lakes Florida

Carpet Doctor has the ability to clean carpets that most carpet cleaning companies would not even touch. We use chemical combinations based on the plastic that the carpet is made of, this is something most companies do not even think about. This gives us a huge advantage over other cleaning companies. This is a picture of a carpet cleaning in Land O Lakes Fl that we made a customer very happy.


Is Sealing grout really necessary?

Grout is a colored cement mixture used to fill in and connect the voids between tiles. There are 3 main types of grout; sanded, un-sanded, and epoxy grout. All but, epoxy grout can benefit from sealing. The most common type is sanded grout that is used for grout joints 1/8 inch or bigger. Sanded grout consists of Portland cement and sand. Sand is used because it helps prevent the grout from shrinking and cracking after drying.

The mixture of sand and cement makes the grout very porous, ready to absorb any liquids that get on it. This becomes a problem when the liquid is an accidentally spilled coffee, wine, or juice that gets inside the porous grout. After your spilled coffee or juice penetrates the grout the water will evaporate leaving the color content of the coffee or juice behind. This leaves a permanent discoloration called a stain that will make your floors look old and worn. The only way to remove this stain is by removing the old grout or having to color stain all your grout into a different color. This process is tedious and expensive.

To avoid having discolored grout and protecting and preserve your perfectly even colored grout color from any stains or discoloration a sealer is applied. The most common type of grout sealer is a penetrating sealer. After application, the sealer penetrates the grout, and later the liquid content evaporates leaving behind a protective coating inside, that will help prevent any stains.

Depending of what you need there are several types of grout sealers out there; some penetrate the grout others stay on top of grout, some darken or enrich your grout color while others do not change the appearance of grout at all.

Sealers do wear off over time and the grout should be resealed when the manufacturer recommends.

So the next time you spill a cup of coffee, juice, or any colored drink, the sealer will give you enough time to wipe the spill before it penetrates the grout. If the spill is left on sealed grout, overtime the liquid will penetrate the grout through the sealer and stain the grout.

When you do wipe the spilled drink in a timely manner, the sealer will do its job and prevent any discoloration or stains from forming. Calling a tile and grout cleaning company in Sarasota Fl is a good idea to have your floors sealed the right way.


At some point, cars and vehicles suffer from breakdowns and technical problems. Sometimes going to garage to get the car fixed can take up your precious time and spend a lot of money. However, a mobile auto repair company can be a possible solution to this problem. Most people do not know the benefits of a mobile auto repair company. If you are such kind of person, here are the benefits.
Saves time
Nowadays life is so hectic in such a way that every minute counts. However, use your chance to save a couple of hours on car repair by calling a mobile repair company. There is no reason for spending your time to drop and pick up the car to and from the garage. The company will send a mechanic to your place and perform all the necessary works quickly. All needed is to make a phone call and give the company your address. Unfortunately, you will not have a luxury that most people have when they take their car to a garage. Besides, you are the one to set the time for their visit making it easier to fit the repair of the car in your schedule seamlessly.
Saves money
Car repair St petersburg Fl companies offer services at lower rates since their costs are nothing like the bills a regular repair workshop has to pay. However, choose a mobile auto repair company if you want to save several hundred dollars. Mostly, their repair costs depend on the type of your problem. Additionally, taking your car to a garage can be a big problem when it refuses to start up. In this case, you cannot drive the car to a garage, and you have to pay for towing truck services to haul it. However, contacting a mobile auto repair company will save you a lot of money since they will come to your location.

Top Tile Cleaning Tips You Should Know

There are certain areas in the house that get wet frequently and therefore the floor should be covered in tiles. Some of these include; bathrooms, kitchen, or even you can decide to cover the whole area with tiles. If well taken care of, tiles can make your floor look attractive and stay new for a very long time. The following are some tile cleaning tips to make your floor sparkle:

Cleaning using baking soda
Use baking soda and water to make a paste and apply it on the dirty tiles. You can use a piece of cloth or an old toothbrush to apply the paste. Let the paste stay on the floor for some few minutes then scrub the tile and wash with warm water. This will leave your floor clean and sparkle.

Use of pencil eraser
This is the best ways to clean black marks that make your tiles look unattractive. All you need to do is get a white or pink eraser and rub it where there is stain until it remained clean.

Cleaning smudges on the floor
Floor that has smudges looks untidy and using just a mop will not remove the stain. The best solution is to use a moistened steel wool soap pad to scrub the floor and then dab the floor with a sponge.

How to remove rust spots
Cleaning rust spots from tile floors are some time difficult, as they do not come out easily. One of the best solutions to this problem is the use of kerosene. You need to wear a pair of gloves and then use a piece of clean cloth, dampen on kerosene to remove the rust. Then use warm water to wash away the residue of rust and kerosene.

Removing mold or mildew on your tile floor
Mold and mildew are mostly found on bathroom floors. If this happens to your tile floor, you can use an ammonia solution to wipe it clean. All you need to do is mix ammonia and water of equal concentration and then use the solution and a soft brush to scrub your floor.
Follow these tile cleaning tips to help your floor shine. Always hire a carpet cleaning St Petersburg expert.

Best advice for removing the tough carpet stains

We all have a Do It Yourself mentality and sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes a bad one. Some carpet stains are better left to the pros. A red stain, a coffee stain, a bleach stain all will require a level of skill to remove that should not be attempted by the DIY cleaner. The wrong chemicals or abrasive scrubbing will in many cases make the stain worse. Hiring a carpet cleaning Sun City center fl expert will assure the proper removal of a stain from your carpet.

The importance of hiring professional cleaners for your window cleaning task.


Window cleaning is a difficult task that involves cleaning of the architectural glass and climbing heights which can be very dangerous. The most important reason why homeowners prefer window cleaning is for the aesthetics and overall value of their home. Clean windows make your home look beautiful and attractive along with allowing more lights to enter inside your home. Therefore it is very important to seek the assistance of professional window cleaning company since there is a high risk involved in this task.




The professional cleaners carrying the task of cleaning the windows of your home or office buildings have to abide by strict regulations. They have the required insurance, license and proper equipment which indicate that they have been authorized by the state to carry on the window cleaning task. When your windows are cleaned properly it helps to increase the life of your windows. Periodic maintenance and dirt removal from your windows helps in keeping the functionality of your windows intact. It also prevents costly replacement or repairs which may arise if your windows are not cleaned properly.It is very important to hire professional window cleaning experts who are very affordable and have the necessary tools and equipment that are required for cleaning the windows. These tools and equipments include high quality cleaning agents, scrapers, brushes, squeegees and sectional ladders. These professionals ensure that you get spotless windows that can last for a long time. Always hire Apollo Beach Cleaning experts for all your cleaning needs


They also possess the necessary skills that are important for completing the window cleaning task in a perfect manner. Since they are trained for doing the cleaning jobs, they can easily avoid any accidents which may arise when climbing high rise building for cleaning the windows. These professional cleaners can provide the best possible results for having a spotless and dirt free windows all year round since they possess specialized tools and are fully equipped for cleaning the windows.


Basics of Carpet Construction

Basics of Carpet Construction

Wilton carpet construction can be identified by how it folds up in both directions.Face side can be loop or cut loop combo but never both.One precaution in this construction is the fibers pull easily compared to the others. Machine agitation needs to be done very carefully if at all. Low moisture is often recommended in this style, this will give the cleaner some control over agitation.

Tufted Carpet is the most common method of making carpet nowadays. The face is stitched into the backing using a mega sewing type machine using needles. This can be looped or cut looped and both. Making tufted the only kind that can be both loop and cut loop.

All you have is a bunch of yarns sewn into a backing but nothing else then you have greige goods. Technically this is still carpet but still needs to be permanently dyed and held together with something.  Usually an adhesive is then used to hold everything together, latex is most commonly used adhesive for carpet backing.



Removing blood from a carpet

No one like seeing bloodstain on the carpet. They look messy and unappealing. However, bloodstain is hard to remove especially if you fail to notice immediately. Removing blood from your carpet as soon as possible works out the best but if they are old and dried, it is going to tough.There are various methods used in removing blood from your carpet. It is suggested to use the gentlest method. This is to prevent spreading the stain. If the stain is still visible, stronger methods are applied. Below are the best tips

Removing using water

Cold water is the best to use as hot or warm water may permanently set the bloodstain on the carpet. A spray bottle is filled with cold water. Alternatively, a clean white cloth can be used. Spray the stained area with cold water. Absorb the moisture with a dry towel or wet vac.Repeat the process until the stain is removed. Then dry the affected area by blowing it directly with a fan. Check if the stain is gone if not repeat the process.

Removal using ammonia

This method is suitable for removing tough bloodstains. Using cold water and 1 tablespoon of ammonia mix them in a spray bottle and mix well. The prepared ammonia solution is directly sprayed on the bloodstain and allowed to sit for 4minutes.Using a clean cloth blot the blood stained area without scrubbing.Repeat until the stain clears. Rinse the area and leave it to dry. To restore the original shape of the fibers, vacuum the carpet

Removal using salt and paste

This is used in case you don’t have any commercial detergent. Effective when removing fresh bloodstain. Make a thin mixture of salt and paste using cold water. Apply the paste on the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Using a clean cloth blot the stain. Check if it is gone .vacuum the spot to remove salt residue.

Commercial products

There are commercial products readily available. They also do a great job in removing blood from your carpet. When you are ready to hire a pro click here.

Benefits of Carpet over Tile Flooring

Benefits of Carpet over Tile Flooring


If you are stuck between choosing carpet or tiles for your flooring, then you should take a closer look at the benefits of choosing carpeting rather than tiles. In this article, we will explain some of the main advantages that come with choosing carpeting over other tile options.

Why Choose Carpeting?

It can be a difficult choice, do you opt for tiles, or do you go for carpet? The flooring you finally decide upon needs to not only look good, but it should also be durable and safe to walk on. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to weigh up the pros and cons of each style.

One of the main advantages of carpeting is that it is a lot warmer to walk on, especially during the colder winter months. A lot of people neglect the fact that ceramic and stone tiles are going to be very cold on the soles of their feet.

Another advantage to carpet over stone or ceramic floor tiles is the fact that carpeting is much safer than tiles, especially if you have young children. This is due to the fact that carpeting is much softer than tiles, and if a child falls over on tiles it can be a very painful and bruising experience. Most people would rather their child landed on a nice soft and plush carpet than on to a cold and unyielding stone or ceramic floor tile.

Resale Value

Tiles may look nice to some people, however, when the time comes to sell your home, you may find out that those tiles that you thought were fantastic are not to everyone’s taste. Tiled flooring is all well and good in a kitchen or bathroom, but a lot of people tend to think that it is an unsuitable choice for flooring in living areas. Of course, the same could be said for the type of carpeting you choose, but the big difference is that carpeting is much easier and often cheaper to replace than a lot of ceramic or stone tiles.

Carpet Cleaning

When choosing carpeting, it is important that you maintain and clean the carpet on a regular basis, and if you are not keen of deep cleaning your carpeting, you should consider the benefits of hiring a carpet cleaning Windsor service. As they will be able to use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to clean and dry your carpets to a very high standard in no time at all.